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Who is Cottonwood Pool Service?

George & George Jr. founded Cottonwood Pool Service in 2014 to provide a higher class of residential swimming pool service to Cottonwood California, Redding, Anderson and surrounding areas.

We are Local

Based in Cottonwood California, we strive to provide a service level unseen in the area as other options are slim. We are a Veteran Owned Christian Family Business who are truly based in Cottonwood California and value supporting the local econmy by focusing on those in our very own communities.

We are Professionals

While visiting some pools in the local area, it became clear that the local residential market needed the professionalism that homeowners are expecting and deserving.

We are Effective

We go the extra mile for our clients. At every very visit, even a simple cleaning, a complete checklist of critical and preventitive maintenance items are inspected and addressed. Each item we cover is detailed in the report we send our customers after service is complete. We stay educated on the latest advancements in energy efficient motors, pumps, and heaters to save our clients money and reduce energy consumption where possible. We always strive to act in your best interests when serving your pool.

We are Reliable

In order to maintain consistent service we create limited fixed routes so that you will have the same tech each service visit, at the same day(s) and time(s) . We consistently communicate via internet, e-mail and telephone to ensure that our clients know as much, or as little, as they desire in regards to the operations of their pool.

Our Team

George & George Jr

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Serving Cottonwood CA, Anderson, Happy Valley, Lake California, Palo Cedro, North Redding & Surrounding Areas

CA 1028582 - All Technicians are NSPF Certified Pool Operators

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