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Pricing That Is Reasonable

Monthly Price
Bi-Annual Price
Annual Price
Service Description
Standard Weekly Service
Our Standard level of service, this includes WEEKLY cleaning visits, and all chemicals required to keep the pool water balanced year round.
Bi-Weekly Service
This service includes a cleaning visit every other week, and all chemicals required to balance the pool water and sanitize it. With Bi-Weekly Service, a small amount of time will be spent by the customer tending to the pool in order to maintain a clean pool.
Monthly Service
This service level includes one cleaning visit every month, and all chemicals required to balance the pool water and sanitize it. With monthly service, a moderate amount of time will be spent by the customer, tending to the pool's requirements to maintain a clean pool.
For pools that require substantial work to restore their condition or cleanliness. (up to 2 hours cleaning time, additional time and materials will be invoiced at a labor rate of $45/hr)
One-Time Pool Inspection and Water Testing
A full pool inspection and evaluation will be performed, the pool water will be tested, any automated pool cleaners inspected and the pool filtration system will be inspected and tested. Results will be delivered to the customer via email and/or in person and will include our advice for all treatments, repairs, recomended cleaning service and adjustments nessasary to keep your pool running great and looking beautiful.
Broken Pool Inspection
For those who KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG, we will send a Professional Pool Repair Technician to perform a FULL INSPECTION of your pool and troubleshoot your problems (up to 1 hour - additional time to troubleshoot mechanical or other pool issues will be invoiced at a labor rate of $65/hr).
Filter Inspection and Cleaning
For CARTRIDGE and DE systems. The filter will be disassembled, cartridges or filter grids removed, cleaned, inspected and re-assembled, primed with DE (as applicable) and tested. Please note, access to a water spout to attach a common garden hose or similarly threaded hose needs to be available to the Pool Technician.

A package can be paid in full, or it can be billed by month, for the services rendered during that month.

Serving Cottonwood CA, Anderson, Happy Valley, Lake California, Palo Cedro, North Redding & Surrounding Areas

CA 1028582 - All Technicians are NSPF Certified Pool Operators

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